May 5, 2024

Wesley Brian Young


rehabs in Texas

Grace after the Lie

 Grace, this is what saved my life, it’s a wonderful gift from God, that’s turned my wrongs to right.

God is Love, and Grace is Jesus, or the other way around, but both needed pieces. For fixin what’s wrong with me.

A broken and contrite spirit is what my father seeks.

My mess is His glory, my weakness His perfections,

Jesus is our savior much more than some legend.

Now my problems didn’t start because I lived in poverty, or because I did drugs, or a whole lot of partying.

I didn’t run with gangsters because I thought it was cool.

I only wanted protection from those I considered fools

Unaware the whole time I was the devils tool.

I didn’t fight or hurt people because I thought it was fun,

I didn’t plot or scheme or hang out in slums, because I chose to.

I did those things because I was lied too.

There’s a grand schemer who’s ever slicker than me,

Who said it’s ok to chase women and live free.

Now I have baby-mommas, yes, plural, there’s 3.

I was full of self ambition, full of vain conceit,

Self-gratification, lie steal, and cheat,

In and out of jail, Looking to make bail, a prisoner inside of myself,

not only in this cell.

Now I’m sitting on my bunk impatiently waiting, looking for my kids at next visitation,

Talking with lawyers trying to get deferred probation..

My kids are growing up, and their mom’s are getting tired.

I’ve been working for the devil and beginning to feel the fire.

I really want to change but its so hard being good.

Besides you gotta be tough to survive in my hood.

Nobody trusts me and that really hurts, but whose gona love me when I only do good in spurts.

The devil told me no one, but again that’s a lie.

He wanted me for himself so he could watch me fry.

With death around the corner, I desperately need a way out.

A voice deep within me said to the Lord you’ll cry out.

But I don’t know what to say, or how I should say it.

I’ve broken every law the bible considers sacred.

But I met a God fearing man who showed me the way.

He introduced me to prayers that all sinners should say.

And ever since then I haven’t been the same.

I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus name.

I’ve lost my tough act, and my gangster fasad, so I could live clean and walk closer to GOD.

How, could something so different feel so right?

To forgive my brother seventy times seven rather than pick a fight.

And all I have to do is look into my heart,

to see that God through Jesus had me from the start.

My sins were bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Love that provided everyone a chance at eternal life.

With Jesus in my heart, a light shines through my eyes,

Its proof the old man is dead; with him I’ve cut ties.

Now that the Lord has cast my sins as far as the east is from the west.

I feel the weight of the entire worlds has been lifted off my chest.

Since I’ve found Grace, I’m done with the lie.

I put my trust into God, and on eagles wings I will fly.

Now with God out in front and the devil at my feet,

I’ll walk in my deliverance, and live in victory.

Wesley Brian Young