May 4, 2024


rehabs in Texas

Hello, my name is Oliver. When my dad retired from the army, we moved into a residential neighborhood.  Trying to make new friends at 14, I began smoking cigarettes, pot, and drinking beer.  By the time I was 18, I had gone to juvenile hall for residential burglary.  I continued in this lifestyle.  I believe God brought Georgia into my life to slow me down.  We dated for a year before we married.  We had a baby boy soon after.  One day my wife and son died in a car accident.  For years I tried to drown my sorrows with drinking.  God sent me a Christian friend who told me about Teen Challenge.  I was so addicted to alcohol that I was rushed to a hospital where I was able to detox.  I asked a nurse for a Bible. As I began reading the Gospel, all my shakes, sweats, and hallucinations disappeared.  God’s word says in 2nd Corinthians 5:17 “They that are in Christ are a new creation, the past is gone, behold all has become new.”  I thank Jesus for new beginnings and know if I continue to follow Christ, joy and happiness will be upon my heart.  Amen!