May 8, 2024

Have you heard of our new traveling Christian band?

Have you heard of our new traveling Christian band? They are absolutely awesome and…. they are “anointed” by the Lord! They are called “The Brothers Band”….and are under the direction of our very own Pastor Eddie Johnston. Virtually every Sunday they are traveling all throughout Texas “ministering” to people. There effectiveness has been absolutely unbelievable. We really think that if the opportunity was given for the band to make a CD a lot more lives would be touched and…..there would be a great demand for the CD. We need your help! Would you pray about helping us accomplish this “vision” to record a CD? Do you have a studio where we can lay down some music tracks? Do you know someone in a position to help us? Our band has it’s own original music to play and they sing some of the latest songs of contemporary Christian artists. We can do the artwork for the CD. If you can help, please give us a call…..asap. We’d love to see the band go into the recording studio now while the Spirit of God is resting so heavily upon them. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Contact directly at 210.319.1323 or email us

We look forward hearing from you!