May 2, 2024

Chris Blier

Chris Blier, Student

rehabs in Texas

Because I watched my grandfather die, I felt justified not getting close enough to be hurt again.  Because my dad left I was justified to hate him.  Always being the poor kid, picked on in school, justified my feelings of worthlessness…which justified filling that deep dark hole with drugs, women, and fast living.  My marriage failed, CPS nearly took my daughter, my mother couldn’t look at me, and my sister despised me.  After six months at Teen Challenge of Texas, I know who my justifier is…Christ Jesus justified me with His precious blood and the Holy Spirit is moving mightily in my life today.  I am no longer defined by my past, but by the blood of the Lamb.  My family is being restored beyond my wildest imagination.  Only Jesus Christ Himself could have taken my darkness and made it flee.