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  • Women's Free Rehab
    Here is where I learned to live, love and laugh again. I have renewed hope
    and excitement for my future, my career, and my relationships.
  • Women's Free Rehab
    Here is where I learned to live, love and laugh again. I have renewed hope
    and excitement for my future, my career, and my relationships.
I Thought My Life was Over
But it Has Just Begun
Thank You!
Here is where I learned to live, love and laugh again. I have renewed hope
and excitement for my future, my career, and my relationships.
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Here is where I learned to live, love and laugh again. I have renewed hope
and excitement for my future, my career, and my relationships.


NOW OPEN! Corpus Christi Men’s Rehab – Kingsville, TX

Now Open and Accepting Students! Corpus Christi Men’s Rehab, part of Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas opened in October 2020 to serve men ages 18+ in the Corpus Christi area. The Corpus Christi Men’s Rehab is a faith-based adult addiction recovery program.  Our mission is to provide a comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol additions.  Most of the staff leadership are themselves graduates of the program. Men receive room and board, group and individual biblical counseling, parenting classes, spiritual support, relapse prevention, anger management, drug and alcohol education, and social/recreational activities as well as vocational rehabilitation and a sober living for program graduates.

Residents receive 24/7 housing, regular meals, transportation, mentoring, group counseling, Bible-based, educational curriculum, and our 13- week intensive life reconstruction course called The Ultimate Journey.

Call us today to learn more or to enroll yourself or get help for a loved one.

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For more information, contact Director Tony Shoemaker at Tony.shoemaker@tctexas.org

Corpus Christi Men’s Rehab
325 E. County Rd 2215, Kingsville, TX 78363
Phone: 361-296-3864

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While in the program, residents receive:

  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Individual mentoring
  • Counseling in a group setting through a 13 week long intensive course
  • Bible based educational curriculum

Residents participate in a work-study program, receiving vocational training in several areas:

  • Texas Food Manager Certification
  • Driver Safety Training
  • Wood-working and welding skills
  • Access to GED courses and testing center
  • Auto Mechanic Training
  • Courses in Finance and Budgeting (Financial Peace)

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AJ’s Story

adult men's rehab in Texas

True Addiction Recovery

Seeking A Real Life Change?

Are you seeking a lasting solution for yourself or a loved one, who’s life has been ravaged by addiction or alcoholism? Adult & Teen Challenge drug and alcohol addiction recovery centers in Texas enroll adult men and women without charge. We work with the whole person, solving the underlying initial causes of addiction, getting these addictive substances out of the individual’s system and giving enough time, encouragement and training to make sure the addiction does not return. We are a residential educational program designed to reverse the destruction that addictions reap on relationships, careers and futures. We set the individual on a new course in life with all new motivations and renewed respect, peace and care for others.”


Why Adult and Teen Challenge?

60 Years of Recovery

Adult & Teen Challenge was founded in 1958 by Pastor David Wilkerson who began ministering to drug addicts and gang members on the streets of New York. A recovery home was started shortly thereafter. Adult & Teen Challenge came to Texas in 1968. There are now close to 200 centers in the United States, and over 1000 centers worldwide in over 90 different countries.

Is this a Rehab?

Adult & Teen Challenge is a residential recovery and discipleship program. Unlike a conventional rehab, this recovery program encompasses every aspect of life, guiding people to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, and physically well.  It offers non-medical recovery methods such as moral guidance, counseling, and biblical principles to life-controlling problems.

How Long for Recovery?

We commit to working with individuals in our program for a full year, not a few weeks or months. Our success in recovery has made us the largest network of addiction recovery centers in the world. We are nonprofit and receive support from the community. If the life and career of a loved one is being destroyed by addiction or alcoholism, don’t look for a quick solution — look for one that will last!

Affordable Care*

Enrollment in our addiction and alcoholism centers for adults is so affordable because it is supported by the generous gifts in the community. Recovery is faith-based and reinforced by a supportive peer community. Our residents are housed in a controlled environment where new positive habits are formed, mentored by others who have walked the same path to freedom.

* Aside from the $1,500 induction fee, tuition is not charged until the third phase of the program, after a student has gained employment.


Call (361) 296-3864

What Leaders Say About Adult & Teen Challenge

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Corpus Christi Men's Rehab

325 E. County Rd. 2215
Kingsville, TX 78363

Phone: 3612963864

Corpus Christi Addition Treatment for Men | TX Adult & Teen Challenge

Corpus Christi low-cost addiction treatment center for Men, including alcoholism treatment - call (866)913-4818 - TX Adult and Teen Challenge- Corpus Christi Area Rehab for Men